Merano – the spa town with flair in South Tyrol - Italy

The flair of the city can for instance be admired in the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. Palm trees and the typical mountain landscape with the native plants make Merano a distinctive place where you can relax your soul. In the street cafès you can enjoy the mild sun, stroll along the Kurpromenade or take a leisurely shopping trip. Residence Alagundis is located just 3 km from the historic centre of Merano. Via the Waalweg and Tappeinerweg it can be reached after a 1,5 hours walk. Also from the cultural perspective Meran has a lot to offer: Meran music weeks, wine festival, city and summer festivals, and much more. Let yourself be entertained! 

Already at the times of the Austrian empress Sissi, people appreciated the merits like the all-year mild climate which are offered by the spa town Meran.  A lot of well-known personalities came to Meran for a stay, which promoted the popularity of the area far beyond the regional borders. 

The resulting character of the city is still a reason due to which so many visitors feel at ease here and spend their holiday at our place.
The new Therme Meran with sauna area invites you to relax. Furthermore Meran can convince with varied nature and Mediterranean climate.


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